ULD's that require less maintenace, burn less fuel!

ULD Containers, or Unit Load Devices provide Airlines and Air Cargo companies appropriate containers to provide air freight services. More commonly referred to as Air Cargo Containers, these units are a necessary staple to the commercial airline and cargo freight industries. Granger Aerospace Products, a division of Granger Industries, Inc. has recently developed and launched its own line of proprietary Air Cargo Containers that feature industry leading innovative features such as providing units with single piece polymer shells that can be molded in corporate colors. Through providing ULD containers and air cargo containers for a number of industry leaders for nearly 20 years, Granger Aerospace Products has a proven history of lowering maintenance costs with their more robust and durable ULD cargo containers.

ULD 2 | ULD 3 | ULD 8

Air Cargo Container LD 3 Ultimate Load Test

Watch the video above and see the Granger Plastics Air Cargo Containers successfully complete the FAA's Ultimate Load Testing. Watch as the LD 3 Air Cargo Container completes the loaded test!

LD 3 AKN Ultimate Load Test Video!

See the forkliftable LD 3 AKN air cargo container successfully complete the FAA's Ultimate Load Testing in the video above!

LD 3 AKN Side Load Test- 8 Days

In typical fashion of Granger's commitment to quality and excellence, Granger decided to allow it's newly unveiled, LD-3 Air Freight Container to hang in the side load position, while loaded with 5,283 pounds of sandbags. Watch in the video above, as the air cargo container hangs for 8 days. Coming soon, Granger Aerospace will video the repairs to this container, making it ready for the tarmac all over again!

ULD 2 Containers

ULD 3, LD 3, Air Cargo Containers, LD 3 Air Cargo Containers

Read about the Granger Aerospace LD 2 Air Cargo Container that offers maintenance and fuel savings.

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ULD 3 Containers

ULD 3, LD 3, Air Cargo Containers, LD 3 Air Cargo Containers

With a lower cost of ownership, the LD 3 is the most innovative ULD in the industry by Granger Aerospace Products.

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ULD 8 Containers

ULD 8, LD 8, Air Cargo Containers, LD 8 Air Cargo Containers

Granger Aerospace's LD 8 Air Cargo Container offers a tremendous maintenance savings against other ULD's!

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Lower Fuel Costs, Less Carbon Footprint

With a proven history of providing ULD's with a lower cost of ownership, less required maintenance and a lower tare weight that offers a reduction in fossil fuel consumption, the most recent innovation in Air Cargo Containers continues to be the single piece polymer shell units from rotomolding leading, Granger Plastics Company, a divison of Granger Industries, Inc.

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